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Technical Workshop

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Technologies Workshop

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More Information Our courses successfully offer valuable, technology-based instruction to those in the professional remediation industry. Regulators, consultants, and field applicators attending our courses come away with a succinct understanding of the primary in-situ mechanisms, strengths and limitations, while additionally gaining confidence evaluating technologies with regard to remedial timelines, sensitive receptors, concurrent use and re-use, as well as their various advantages and disadvantages.

The agenda has been designed to provide the learner with an implementer’s perspective to remedial project planning. The instruction format is non-traditional and asks the learner to dissect a remedial design approach and understand its parts through an implementation lens. Classroom discussion focuses on the importance of conceptual site models and purposefully applying the most appropriate design, tools and methods.

Throughout the course, presenters introduce various site situations and show the learner which technologies may apply based on several variables, why the technologies are applicable, provide reasons other technologies may not be appropriate, and indicate where potential time and cost effective options for combined remedial approaches exist. Each instructor possesses first-hand field experience and identifies possible field implementation concerns as they relate to conclusions derived from lab and data calculations. The goal of the course is to address practical project approaches and does not aim to teach chemistry or advertise current commercially available products or technologies.