Former Manufacturing Facility


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Site Location: Northern NJ
Contamination: Tetrachloroethene (203 ppb).
Geology: Unconsolidated zone above fractured bedrock, "Zone A"
Area Treated: ~20,000 sq. ft in Zone A (22'-26') and bedrock (38'-67').
Effectiveness:  Total VOCs reduced by 74% in Zone A & 58% in bedrock.

Lakefront Residence


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Site Location: Sussex County, NJ
Contamination: Fuel Oil #2, TPH approximately 12,000 to 20,000 ppm in soil.
Geology: Fractured bedrock formation at 4 ft bgs containing perched water table.
Area Treated: ~1,800 sq. ft at a vertical interval of 2-12 ft bgs.
Effectiveness:  Site-wide TPH was reduced by 82% with 96% in hot spot area. The property received a "No Further Action letter."

Active Quarry Facility


Site Location: Sussex County, NJ
Contamination: 1,4-Dichlorobenzene (341 ppb); 1,2-Dichlorobenzene (2,760 ppb); Naphthalene (279 ppb)
Geology: Fractured bedrock underlying glacial overburden 9-20 ft thick; water table is at approximately 20-25 ft bgs within the bedrock
Area Treated: Approximately 1200 sq. ft at an interval from 20-65 ft bgs.
Effectiveness:  Site-wide groundwater contamination reduced by 98%. All COCs were treated to ND or well below NJDEP groundwater criteria.

Former Cosmetic Manufacturing Plant


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Site Location: Central NJ
Contamination: Ethanol (354,943 ppb), Trichloroethene (31,162 ppb), Methylene Chloride (10,200 ppb), Trichlorofluoromethane (51,762 ppb) & 1,1,1-Trichloroethane (11,166 ppb).
Geology: Fractured bedrock aquifer. Water table is at approximately 14-25 ft bgs.
Area Treated: Treatment interval 20-70ft bgs for pilot. On going full scale is 100,000 sq ft and 20-70 ft bgs.
Effectiveness:  Site-wide total VOCs reduced by 93% from 108,380 ppb to 7,328 ppb. Site-wide Ethanol concentrations reduced by 99% from 354,943 ppb to 4,591 ppb.

Active Dry Cleaner


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Site Location: Atlanta, GA
Contamination: Average Concentrations: Trichloroethene (117 ug/l); Tetrachloroethene (1,444 ug/l); and Cis-1,2-Dichloroethene (100 ug/l).
Geology: Sands in the vadose and the saturated zones and fractured rock in the deeper zone. Depth to groundwater is ~18 ft bgs; hydraulic conductivity is 5.9 ft/day.
Area Treated: ~8,000 Sq. ft total area. Target treatment zone ranged from ~2-18 ft bgs (unsaturated zone), ~18-55 ft bgs (saturated zone), and up to 80 ft bgs (fractured rock).
Effectiveness:  GW: 83% reduction of total VOCs site-wide after 1st treatment event, which improved to 89% reduction (except MW-29) after 2nd treatment event. Soil: Treated to ND concentrations.

Naval Air Station


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Site Location: Mechanicsburg, PA
Contamination: Bedrock aquifer impacted with VOCs, SVOCs, PAHs, PCBs and pesticides. Primary site COCs include Chlorobenzene (817 ug/l), cis-1,2-Dichloroethene (1,673 ug/l), 1,4–Dichlorobenzene (51 ug/l), Vinyl Chloride (141ug/l) and Trichloroethene (3,712 ug/l).
Geology: Clay and silt extends from ground surface to 30 ft bgs underlain by fractured limestone bedrock. Depth to groundwater is approx. 30 ft bgs; hydraulic conductivity is between 4.3x10-4 cm/sec and 8.6x10-3 cm/sec.
Area Treated: Approx. 130,000 Sq. ft total area. Target treatment zone ranged from approx. 30 ft bgs to 100 ft bgs within the fractured bedrock.
Effectiveness:  87% site-wide reduction of VOCs from average baseline. 20 wells sampled. CB below RGs in 15, 1,2-DCE and VC below RGs in 12 wells, TCE below RGs in 8 wells, Aroclor 1260 below RGs in 14 wells, 1,4-DCB below RGs in 19 wells, 4,4-DDT below RGs in 18 wells and alpha-BHC below RGs in 19 wells.

Nyack MGP Site


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Site Location: Nyack, NY
Contamination: Bedrock contaminated with non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) and MGP-related compounds. Primary contaminants of concern (COCs) include volatile organic compounds (VOCs), poly-nuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH). Levels of COCs reached 6 ppm for VOCs and 1,200 ppm for PAHs in dissolved phase and 8,500 ppm for VOCs, 36,000 ppm for PAHs and 900,000 ppm for TPH in NAPL.
Geology: Fractured Bedrock.
Area Treated: ~36,000 cubic yards consisting of a 20 foot interval of an impacted bedrock zone.
Effectiveness:  Successfully treated a large portion of the free phase NAPL present in the bedrock. The entire project was completed ahead of the schedule and under the budget (the total cost of the treatment program was approx. $300,000). The project was given a "Award of Merit" by New York Construction Magazine in 2007.

Truck Maintenance Facility


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Site Location: Edison, New Jersey
Contamination: Carbon Tetrachloride, Chloroform, TCE, PCE, Vinyl Chloride, and 1,1-DCE.
Geology: Site is underlain by shale of the Passaic formation. Competent bedrock is overlain by up to 10 feet of unconsolidated materials consisting of in-place weathered bedrock, silt and clay, as well as some reworked local soil. The water table is approximately 6 ft bgs.
Area Treated: Target treatment area is approximately 415 ft x 275 ft. The target vertical treatment zone covered the 10-100 feet bgs depth interval. Injection well clusters were installed and two depth intervals (10-50 feet bgs and 60-100 feet bgs) were targeted.
Effectiveness:  Average VOC results for all 22 wells sampled show an overall 52% reduction following the last application. Additional treatments have been approved by the client and are pending regulatory approval.

Former Metal Fabricating Facility


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Site Location: Lakewood, Colorado
Contamination: TCE, PCE, 1,1-DCE, 1,1-DCA, 1,1,1-TCA.
Geology: Subsurface is comprised of fractured bedrock. The water table is approximately 3-15 ft bgs.
Area Treated: Target treatment area covered a bedrock well network using a 30-foot spacing grid targeting a 25-foot screened vertical interval.
Effectiveness:  Monitoring wells located within the treatment area have been sampled over a six-year period. Overall there has been an 82% reduction of 1,1-DCE and a 93% reduction of TCE. The facility received notification from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) requiring no further remedial action.

Former Distribution Terminal


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Site Location: New Jersey
Contamination: Methylene Chloride; BTEX; TCE; MTBE; TCA
Geology: Fractured Bedrock
Area Treated: Area of concern extends vertically from approximately 17 to 50 feet bgs over three bedrock fractures.
Effectiveness:  Substantial GW VOC reduction from 90% to 99% achieved in injection area monitoring wells. Estimated 851 lbs of COC mass including trapped DNAPL mass treated.